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Our passion is freestyle scootering and we have been in the center of a lot of projects since the beginning of the sport, such as French ID, Addict, Ethic DTC and many more. Over the years, we have built a real expertise on how to make a scooter that feels good, that behaves the way the rider wants.
As mountain lovers, the idea of bringing the feelings of scootering to the snow has been running through our minds for years, so the ride can never stops. We started designing prototypes more than five years ago, evolving every year step by step, but today, time has come to make this pleasure accessible to the greatest possible number of people.
The result is a snowscoot way lighter than anything you can find on the market, perfectly workable on any type of terrain, easy to handle and with a thrilling freestyle potentiel.
Welcome this new way of riding, aiming for both extreme scooter rider as well as people willing to just have a good time on the tracks, enjoying this new feeling of freedom.

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35 000 RUB
Новая модель этого года, предназначенная для фрирайда
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35 000 RUB
The Eretic Snowscoot спроектирован известным Kevin Demay
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8 000 RUB
Вилка для Eretic Snowscooter
Срок поставки: Две недели