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Sledgehammer Skibikes

Sledgehammer Skibikes since 2006 the company is a manufacturer based in Austria. The goal of this company founded by Gregor Schuster is to produce this fun sports gear as cost effective as possible and pass this benefit of low costs on to customers by minimizing retail costs. So the start was with a direct selling Online shop only. Meanwhile ( 2011 ) we have retailers all over the world but though we managed to keep our Skibikes very low priced due that our partners also rather support their passion then their wallet. Currently we have sold far over 1000 Skibikes and started producing several types. From Racing ( Skibobs ridden with footskiers - model "Classic" ) to high tech Skibikes for hard riding - the model Freerider as well as to low budget versions.
Our motto is " We make Skibike affordable for everyone but though keep products at a high level". Also it is important for us that the sports of Skibiking is seen as an alternative sports which should not be seen as a substitute for Alpine Skiing. Skibiking is much more fun on slopes and terrain which is suitable but please try to avoid icy, steep and on the "Carving technique trimmed" skiing areas. Here are clear limits. There are several laid back sking areas which are often not intersseting for the modern skiers which are exactly the place to enjoy this sports at its maximum.

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