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SnowScoot Russia

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Цена:100 000 RUB

Рама: алюминий 7005
Цвет: желтый, красный, черный, серый, зеленый, голубой.
Вилка: алюминий 7005
Рулевая колонка: интегрированная

Snowscoot carving Insane Toys 2024 69 degrees steering angle 
New Reinforced 100% 7005 aluminum frame and fork
Wider and lighter frame with hydro-formed straight bar for better lateral support
Closed fixing crossmembers for better deformation of the rear skid 
XL fork with 450 mm aluminum pivot with new frame 
1 inch 1/8 external anodized or semi-integrated headsets
XL lightweight 6060 aluminum handlebar Lightweight 6060 bmx aluminum 
stem Rubber handles with anti- 
rotation screws Integrated non-slip FAKIR plate gives the possibility of riding without a footstrap 
Semi-rigid, non-detachable footstrap 
Carving kit as standard (30/20 in 70)
It is delivered in this pack with the SERIE 2024 boards
This shape allows the rider to:
- make turns very easily without losing too much stability at sustained speed
- a very good versatility on piste and off piste
- have fun in the woods
- pass without fear on heavily icy areas 
Spectacular weight 9.2 kilos with skates, carving kit, leash and footstrap

Производитель: Insane Toys Snowscoot
Срок поставки: Месяц
Вес: 9.2 кг.
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