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Цена:142 000 RUB

Given the comparison to the model WORLD CUP, as early as when we imagined the new model we knew that it would have to be of very high standard and we understood that all its elements would have has to withstand the most demanding criticism regardless of existing dogmas. Wed had to take into consideration each detail no matter whether concerning skis, geometry or general design. The core priorities were speed, stability and design.

Snowscoot SnowBaaR SNAKER referred to as ULTIMATE is based on new platform using even lighter high strength steel. The complete weight of the frame including skis dropped below the unbelievable limit of ten kilograms. The generally smoother design was possible not only thanks to the original concept of the central pipe but also the position of the rear structure with more refined radiuses. The product is longer by 25 mm compared to its relatives designed in our workshop.

Those who love speed will certainly appreciate newly designed skis that include several principal improvements. The new printed base is covered with Teflon, an extremely fast sliding material and it is an enormous benefit in particular at flat sections where each speed kilometre is desperately needed. Dual hardness wooden core is newly covered with structured corundum finish.

The upper board has been extended by 8 pins at each side. It provides the user with enhanced adhesion and unprecedented feel of stability on very steep slopes. Sufficient adhesion even when moving hands to the edge of the frame is a big advantage.

What provide for ideal grip are new handlebars CrMo 9,5´´ the total width of which is 740 mm and their own weight is 650 g. Safety grips are installed on the handlebars. Snaker Ultimate is supplied in all colour options shown on our web site.


Вес 9,9 кг
Производитель SnowBaaR
Назначение FreeRide
Материал Высококачественная сталь диаметра 28мм - двойной конструкции, сверх легкая.
Максимальная нагрузка 150 кг
Длина 1640 мм
Высота 830 мм
Рулевая Integrated 41.8x8x45x45°
Руль 740 мм (9,5" )
Грипсы Lock-on FORCE Dual grip
Прокладки резиновые 70 sHa
Доски CAP с сердечником из высококачественной древесины, очень легкие 
Возможные цвета Черный, Голубой с оранжевым
Производитель: SnowBaar

Срок поставки: Две недели
Вес: 10 кг.
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